Hamming Questions

“What are the world’s biggest problems?” “Which ones are you solving? It’s hard! Fighting for The Good Future requires massive amounts of time, energy, and creativity. It’s scary! Fear of failure causes people to hide their ambition. It’s expensive! Most people are too busy solving their money problem to think about anything else. Raising people’sContinue reading “Hamming Questions”

Personal Capital

Personal Capital > Venture Capital They’d quit if they had $100K+ to cover their next 1-2 years. Example: I meet brilliant engineers who work at Fortune 500 companies and have awesome startup ideas, but they’re scared to launch them because their employment contracts say all IP they create is owned by their companies. Think: 360Continue reading “Personal Capital”

360 Deals for Founders

In the music industry, a 360 deal is where a record label provides an artist with financial, marketing, and distribution support in exchange for a percentage of future revenue streams. Help founders create their own startup studios. This gives founders the freedom to think big and quickly take multiple shots on goal. Motown Records’ 360 dealsContinue reading “360 Deals for Founders”

Utopic Ventures

This is my Founder Accelerator. Stuck working at a business that doesn’t value their talents. Stuck running their last startup that’s hit a plateau. Stuck trying to find an idea for their next startup. Give founders 1+ years of freedom to work full-time on their next startup idea. Help founders skip one or more fundingContinue reading “Utopic Ventures”

Founder Accelerator

Think: Thiel Fellowship for 23+ year olds. Give founders 1+ years of freedom to work full-time on their next startup idea. This is Personal Capital. Old Model: Insight → Funding New Model: Funding → Insight Solve their money problem so founders can focus on the World’s Biggest Problems. Coach founders through their idea mazes. Build rapidContinue reading “Founder Accelerator”