Imagine what increased fractionalization could do for startup investing. VCs (1-10 wires) → Angels (10-100 checks) → Crowdfunding (100-1K+ credit cards) → Crypto (1K-1M+ wallets). Legal innovations like SAFEs started this trend. Crypto’s fractionalization and smart contracts will add 1000x more access to startup investing. What other industries need fractionalization? Look for businesses with highContinue reading “Fractionalization”

Politics is the Biggest Game

Goalie, St. Louis Blues: 1992-95 Astronaut, NASA: 1995-99 President, USA: 1999-2010 Owner, St. Louis Blues: 2000-Now Help Dad Rebuild His Business: 2010-12 Make Independent Testing Ubiquitous: 2012-2020 Solve the World’s Biggest Problems: 2020-Now That’s me. Give me the world’s hardest jobs and I’ll step up and take my best shot. Put me in Coach. I’mContinue reading “Politics is the Biggest Game”

Personal Capital

Personal Capital > Venture Capital Think: 360 Deals for Creators. Funding is attached to the person, not the project. Investors earn a percentage of future equity and/or revenue streams. I want to raise a fund to support creators directly and let them build whatever they want. See: Founder Accelerator Build your own portfolio of products,Continue reading “Personal Capital”

360 Deals for Creators

In the music industry, a 360 deal is where a record label provides an artist with financial, marketing, and distribution support in exchange for a percentage of future revenue streams. 360 deals sound scary: “Wait, you want rights to *all* of my revenue streams?!” But 360 deals can be way better than the standard VC model.Continue reading “360 Deals for Creators”

Utopic Ventures

Utopic is my personal label and parent company for my startups. Utopic Studio is my atelier where I develop my own startup ideas. Utopic Ventures will be my fund to invest in other founders’ studios. Types of Deals: Invest: Some founders just need money. Advise: Some founders just need advice. Partner: Some founders need a ShadowContinue reading “Utopic Ventures”

Founder Accelerator

Think: Thiel Fellowship for 23+ year olds. Give founders 1+ years of freedom to work full-time on their next startup idea. Deal: $100K now in exchange for 10% equity in your next startup. This is Personal Capital. Goal: Be the world’s earliest angel investor. I aim to invest pre-startup and ideally pre-idea. Founder Rounds areContinue reading “Founder Accelerator”

The Best Quotes From Steve Jobs’ 1982 Speech to the Academy of Achievement

Notes: Neil: This speech was given by then 26-year-old Steve Jobs as an acceptance speech to the Academy of Achievement, which is a broader version of the Academy that gives out Oscars. This Steve Jobs is at the top of his first mountain; everything is seemingly going right. (He is fired from Apple just threeContinue reading “The Best Quotes From Steve Jobs’ 1982 Speech to the Academy of Achievement”

The Best Quotes From Elon Musk’s 2018 Interview With Kara Swisher

Notes: Neil: This is one of my favorite podcast episodes of all time. Elon Musk embodies The Stockdale Paradox throughout this interview, confronting the brutal facts facing his missions while keeping absolute faith that he will eventually succeed. I’ve highlighted my favorite segments below. Book Recommendation: Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for aContinue reading “The Best Quotes From Elon Musk’s 2018 Interview With Kara Swisher”

The Founder Tree

Who is the greatest football coach of all time? Championships matter, of course. But when ESPN assembled an all-star panel to pick the 20 best NFL coaches in history, these experts focused on another key attribute when ranking these leaders — their coaching trees. It’s not enough to win now. You also have the responsibility to recruitContinue reading “The Founder Tree”