The Y Combinator Era for Biotech

YC is now focused on biotech. Will VCs follow? Introduction: Both of these VC models are built for the old playbook for biopharma company formation: Two big changes have made it much cheaper to launch and scale biotech companies: The new playbook for biotech will be the YC fundraising model, as explained by Paul Graham:Continue reading “The Y Combinator Era for Biotech”

It’s 1994 Again

We are in the dot-com era for biotech. Introduction: For the last 25+ years, we have been living through one of the greatest technological revolutions ever, the Information Age. From Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 to Mobile to Web 3.0, the best startup founders and investors have ridden these waves to impact billions of peopleContinue reading “It’s 1994 Again”

Recreate Ancient Foods

This industrialization of food is a leading contributor to many modern health problems. Rewind hundreds of years of food industrialization in a decade or less. Reengineer one ancient fruit. Mass produce it and sell it to the world. Use that money to industrialize the engineering of 100s of new crops. While doing above, also keepContinue reading “Recreate Ancient Foods”