Politics is the Biggest Game

Goalie, St. Louis Blues: 1992-95 Astronaut, NASA: 1995-99 President, USA: 1999-2010 Owner, St. Louis Blues: 2000-Now Help Dad Rebuild His Business: 2010-12 Make Independent Testing Ubiquitous: 2012-2020 Solve the World’s Biggest Problems: 2020-Now That’s me. Give me the world’s hardest jobs and I’ll step up and take my best shot. Put me in Coach. I’mContinue reading “Politics is the Biggest Game”


This post builds on Balaji Srinivasan’s How to Start a New Country essay. Cryptocountries will have their own currencies, laws, contracts, and citizenship requirements. Most cryptocountries will start without any physical property and will have legal statuses closer to cooperatives vs. a corporation or a country. Currencies should serve their countries, not vice versa. Example:Continue reading “Cryptocountries”

Thanedar’s Game

Think: Axelrod’s Tournament meets Model UN. Problem: Real-world political and economic experiments take decades to demonstrate their ultimate successes and failures and can lead to significant hardship and loss of life. Design and implement political and economic systems for your Cryptocountry to compete for Citizens and Wealth. Featuring Protocols and Gameplay that make it easyContinue reading “Thanedar’s Game”

The 2 Types of Independents

This is Part 4 of my Political Typology series. Part 1 is The 4 Types of Democrats. Part 2 is The 4 Types of Republicans. Part 3 is The 8 Lanes in US Politics. Moderate Independent: Unify the two moderate Democratic + two moderate Republican lanes. Populist Independent: Unify the two populist Democratic + two populist Republican lanes. (ThereContinue reading “The 2 Types of Independents”

Power vs. Counter

They’re the two most basic plays in football. They’re also the two most basic plays in politics. Let me explain: Power vs. Counter is a simpler version of rock-paper-scissors. Power = Rock When the offense runs the ball up the middle, that’s Power. When the offense runs away from the line, that’s Counter. The defenseContinue reading “Power vs. Counter”

The Best Quotes From The “Knock Down The House” Documentary (AOC)

Notes: Neil: This documentary largely focuses on the rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), who won her 2018 NY-14 Democratic primary challenge vs. Rep. Joe Crowley. AOC’s message and movement are so powerful because she embodies and articulates the Progressive message better than anyone in America including Bernie Sanders. Bernie blazed the trail that AOC isContinue reading “The Best Quotes From The “Knock Down The House” Documentary (AOC)”

The Best Quotes From Theodore Roosevelt’s 1910 Speech “Citizenship in a Republic” (AKA “The Man in the Arena”)

Notes: Neil: This speech features the famous “The Man in the Arena” quote loved by startup founders and political campaigns who face criticism while they are struggling. Politicians and their teams especially love to recite this quote to reporters and themselves when they’re losing an election. But “The Man in the Arena” is just oneContinue reading “The Best Quotes From Theodore Roosevelt’s 1910 Speech “Citizenship in a Republic” (AKA “The Man in the Arena”)”