In Defense of Effective Altruism

The Worst Form of Ethics, Except For All The Others This would’ve been a lot easier in August 2022. Flash forward 15 months, and the EA movement is in trouble. RIP: Effective Altruism (2011-2023). Right? “The measure of a man’s life is not the number of his breaths, but the action he takes.” – AristotleContinue reading “In Defense of Effective Altruism”

Abolish The Electoral College

We Need to Directly Elect Presidents Summary: Idea: A constitutional amendment to directly elect presidents by popular vote. Problem: The Electoral College has been corrupted by the two-party system. Trend: We’re about to have the least popular presidential election ever. History: We’ve been close to abolishing the Electoral College but never got it done. Solution:Continue reading “Abolish The Electoral College”

Y Combinator for Politics

An accelerator for rising stars in politics Idea: The best network in politics. Open to all. Problem: There are only two current paths into US politics: Solution: Create an accelerated path into politics for effective altruists. Solving The Politics Problem “You say you want a revolutionWell, you knowWe’d all love to change the world” — JohnContinue reading “Y Combinator for Politics”

Effective Immigration

This is Solution #6 on my list of The World’s Biggest Problems. Introduction Note: I’m American, so I mostly wrote this post from a US perspective. I’ve also cited European and World statistics to show that effective immigration would be a net-positive for any country. The Economic Case for Immigration: The Moral Case for Immigration:Continue reading “Effective Immigration”

We Need A Middle Class For Startups

Bootstrapped from zero. “Sell a product or course online! Sell services locally!” There are millions of different get rich quick schemes floating online now. The goal here is to secure the bag and escape the grind ASAP. Raised $100M+ from VCs. “Are you a Unicorn yet? Which Y Combinator class were you in?” Startups areContinue reading “We Need A Middle Class For Startups”