Best Quotes from the Becoming Warren Buffett Documentary

Notes: This HBO documentary covers the life and work of Berkshire Hathaway Chairman & CEO Warren Buffett, largely through his own quotes. We also hear a lot from his business partner Charlie Munger and his first wife Suzie Buffett. Warren Buffett’s advice can teach us way more about life than just business. Most people callContinue reading “Best Quotes from the Becoming Warren Buffett Documentary”

Hidden Ambition

We’re scared of losing, but we’re terrified of being called a loser. We grew up watching elementary school bullies pick on the “nerds”. If you’re like me, you were usually the target of the teasing. It’s easy to internalize the idea that being ambitious isn’t cool. Social media is full of bullies making fun ofContinue reading “Hidden Ambition”

Maximize Human Potential

The answer is your potential energy. The sum of all this potential energy is the world’s greatest untapped resource. In physics, potential energy is converted into kinetic energy by a force. However, if the friction is greater than the force, there will be no movement. We need to maximize our positive force and minimize theContinue reading “Maximize Human Potential”

Best Quotes from Tom Brady’s “Man in the Arena” Documentary

Notes: This ESPN+ series is a largely autobiographical retelling of Tom Brady’s career from the University of Michigan to seven Super Bowl championships. This documentary’s title borrows from Theodore Roosevelt’s 1910 speech “Citizenship in a Republic“, which includes the famous “Man in the Arena” quote: “It is not the critic who counts…” Watch: Trailer, VideoContinue reading “Best Quotes from Tom Brady’s “Man in the Arena” Documentary”

Best Quotes from the Tiger HBO Documentary

Notes: Neil: This documentary is about Earl Woods as much as it is about his son Tiger Woods. Earl always knew that Tiger was destined for greatness and built their family’s whole lives around Tiger’s success. This pressure and focus was both a blessing and curse for Tiger, who grew up perfectly prepared to beContinue reading “Best Quotes from the Tiger HBO Documentary”

Best Quotes From Steve Jobs’ 1982 Speech to the Academy of Achievement

Notes: Neil: This speech was given by then 26-year-old Steve Jobs as an acceptance speech to the Academy of Achievement, which is a broader version of the Academy that gives out Oscars. This Steve Jobs is at the top of his first mountain; everything is seemingly going right. (He is fired from Apple just threeContinue reading “Best Quotes From Steve Jobs’ 1982 Speech to the Academy of Achievement”

Best Quotes From The “Knock Down The House” Documentary

Notes: Trailer: YouTube Full Video: Netflix, YouTube Book Recommendation: Run for Something by Amanda Litman (2017) Reading Time: ~10 minutes total. ~3 minutes bolded-only. ~1 minute highlights only. Neil: This documentary largely focuses on the rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), who won her 2018 NY-14 Democratic primary challenge vs. Rep. Joe Crowley. AOC’s message andContinue reading “Best Quotes From The “Knock Down The House” Documentary”