In Defense of Effective Altruism

The Worst Form of Ethics, Except For All The Others This would’ve been a lot easier in August 2022. Flash forward 15 months, and the EA movement is in trouble. RIP: Effective Altruism (2011-2023). Right? “The measure of a man’s life is not the number of his breaths, but the action he takes.” – AristotleContinue reading “In Defense of Effective Altruism”

Abolish The Electoral College

We Need to Directly Elect Presidents Summary: Idea: A constitutional amendment to directly elect presidents by popular vote. Problem: The Electoral College has been corrupted by the two-party system. Trend: We’re about to have the least popular presidential election ever. History: We’ve been close to abolishing the Electoral College but never got it done. Solution:Continue reading “Abolish The Electoral College”

Scientist CEOs

Helping elite scientists become elite startup founders Trend: Silicon Valley now celebrates the technical founder CEO. Myth: Most VCs still think that scientists can’t be good CEOs. How: Be the first investor and advisor for startups led by scientist CEOs.  Opportunity: Elevating scientist CEOs is good for everyone. This idea is a work-in-progress. If you’dContinue reading “Scientist CEOs”

Y Combinator for Politics

An accelerator for rising stars in politics Idea: The best network in politics. Open to all. Problem: There are only two current paths into US politics: Solution: Create an accelerated path into politics for effective altruists. Solving The Politics Problem “You say you want a revolutionWell, you knowWe’d all love to change the world” — JohnContinue reading “Y Combinator for Politics”