The Best Quotes from the Tiger HBO Documentary

Notes: Neil: This documentary is about Earl Woods as much as it is about his son Tiger Woods. Earl always knew that Tiger was destined for greatness and built their family’s whole lives around Tiger’s success. This pressure and focus was both a blessing and curse for Tiger, who grew up perfectly prepared to beContinue reading “The Best Quotes from the Tiger HBO Documentary”

The 2 Independent Lanes in US Politics

This is Part 4 of my Political Typology series. Part 1 is The 4 Types of Democrats. Part 2 is The 4 Types of Republicans. Part 3 is The 8 Lanes in US Politics. Even Independents like Bernie Sanders first run in their Party primary before caucusing as an Independent. This post will analyze alternate lanes to winning electionsContinue reading “The 2 Independent Lanes in US Politics”

Personal Capital

Personal Capital > Venture Capital Think: 360 Deals for Creators. Funding is attached to the person, not the project. Investors earn a percentage of future equity and/or revenue streams. I want to raise a fund to support creators directly and let them build whatever they want. See: Founder Accelerator Build your own portfolio of products,Continue reading “Personal Capital”

360 Deals for Creators

In the music industry, a 360 deal is where a record label provides an artist with financial, marketing, and distribution support in exchange for a percentage of future revenue streams. 360 deals sound scary: “Wait, you want rights to *all* of my revenue streams?!” But 360 deals can be way better than the standard VC model.Continue reading “360 Deals for Creators”

Utopic Ventures

I’d start it as my personal label/startup studio, but I’d want to expand and sign more founders. Types of Deals: Invest: Some founders just need money. Advise: Some founders just need advice. Partner: Some founders need a Shadow Co-Founder. 360 Deal: Some founders want it all. This work in the Studio would come before any seedContinue reading “Utopic Ventures”

The 4 Types of Republicans

Note: This is Part 2 of my political typology for US Politics. Part 1 is The 4 Types of Democrats. Part 3 is The 8 Lanes in US Politics. Summary: East = Moderate Establishment. West = Conservative Establishment. South = Conservative Anti-Establishment. North = Moderate Anti-Establishment Anti-Establishment ≈ Populist. Political Typology: E = Moderate EstablishmentContinue reading “The 4 Types of Republicans”

Founder Accelerator

Think: Thiel Fellowship for 23+ year olds. Give founders 1+ years of freedom to work full-time on their next startup idea. Deal: $100K now in exchange for 10% equity in your next startup. Goal: Be the world’s earliest angel investor. I aim to invest pre-startup and ideally pre-idea. Founder Rounds are the new Pre-Seed Rounds.Continue reading “Founder Accelerator”