Utopic Flywheel

Edison’s Lab, Disney’s Studio, and Warhol’s Factory are all proof it’s possible. Utopic is my contribution to this field. This whole Utopic flywheel will be working within five years. This idea is a work-in-progress. If you’d like to riff on it, hit me up @neilthanedar on Twitter.

YC for Manufacturing

Factory: Build a public factory to support a new generation of industrialists. Action: Raise $10M+ to build public factory. Fund: Invest $10K-1M+ in new startup manufacturers. Action: Raise $10M+ for accelerator fund. This accelerator will be a factory for new solutions, from commodifying desalination and decarbonization to healthier, abundant food and medicine. We could buildContinue reading “YC for Manufacturing”

Startups vs. Studios

Startup = Growth. No company can grow forever with just one product. The best startups launch, buy, and grow many products. Xerox → PARC Google → X Amazon → Grand Challenge Google → Alphabet Facebook → Meta This generation of founders is starting younger, growing faster, and staying with their companies for longer. Keeping theirContinue reading “Startups vs. Studios”

Founders vs. VCs

If you’re really ambitious in startups, there’s only ever been two paths: founder vs. VC. Founders go deep on one company. VCs get to build a broad portfolio. Startup studios are the best of both sides of the table: Founders should build a portfolio of companies themselves. “The power dynamic between venture capitalists and founders massivelyContinue reading “Founders vs. VCs”

Recreate Ancient Foods

We have selectively bred or genetically modified most nutrients out of most foods. Rewind hundreds of years of food industrialization in a decade or less. Master Plan: Reengineer one ancient fruit. Mass produce it and sell it to the world. Use that money to industrialize the engineering of 100s of new crops. While doing above,Continue reading “Recreate Ancient Foods”

Utopic Studio

Indie = 100% Ownership I’m prioritizing independence in this phase of my career. Individual startups in my portfolio can and will raise outside capital when they’re ready to be independent. But Utopic LLC, the original parent company, will always stay 100% mine. Startup = Anything I Want to Create Any funding: Bootstrapped → VC/PE AnyContinue reading “Utopic Studio”