Startups vs. Studios

Startup = Growth. No company can grow forever with just one product. The best startups launch, buy, and grow many products. Xerox → PARC Google → X Amazon → Grand Challenge Google → Alphabet Facebook → Meta This generation of founders is starting younger, growing faster, and staying with their companies for longer. Keeping theirContinue reading “Startups vs. Studios”

Utopic Studio

Indie = 100% Ownership I’m prioritizing independence in this phase of my career. Individual startups in my portfolio can and will raise outside capital when they’re ready to be independent. But Utopic LLC, the original parent company, will always stay 100% mine. Startup = Anything I Want to Create Any funding: Bootstrapped → VC/PE AnyContinue reading “Utopic Studio”

360 Deals for Creators

In the music industry, a 360 deal is where a record label provides an artist with financial, marketing, and distribution support in exchange for a percentage of future revenue streams. This solves the fundamental misalignment between founders and investors: Founders shouldn’t have to go all-in on each idea. Investors should back founders long-term, not just forContinue reading “360 Deals for Creators”

Utopic Ventures

Inspire and invest in the next generation of creators. My studio’s success will attract the best founders to my fund. Utopic Studio is my atelier where I develop my own startup ideas. Utopic Ventures will be my fund to invest in other founders’ studios. Types of Deals: Invest: Some founders just need money. Advise: SomeContinue reading “Utopic Ventures”