Decentralized Failsafes

When someone steals your crypto, it’s gone forever. How can we build this feature into decentralized finance (DeFi)? We need a decentralized consensus mechanism to track and reverse theft of digital assets. One Coin = One Vote rules exposes blockchain protocols to the risk of 51% attacks. Example: The Beanstalk protocol was robbed of $182MContinue reading “Decentralized Failsafes”


Problem: High transaction costs limit public access into finance, real estate, etc. Solution: Fractionalize complex assets using smart contracts and digital mirrors. How many lawyers can we replace with smart contracts? How much of finance is just entities securing each others’ assets? VCs (1-10+ wires) → Angels (10-100+ checks) → Crowdfunding (100-1K+ credit cards) →Continue reading “Fractionalization”

Politics is the Biggest Game

Instead of fighting over who caused the problems, let solve them. You could have a bigger impact on your mission through politics vs. the private sector. Everyone can make a direct impact in their community volunteering 1 hour a week. Interestingly, most 6-7 figure net worth people I meet generally trust government, and if there’sContinue reading “Politics is the Biggest Game”

Thanedar’s Game

Think: Axelrod’s Tournament meets Model UN. Problem: Real-world political and economic experiments take decades to demonstrate their ultimate successes and failures and can lead to significant hardship and loss of life. Design and implement political and economic systems for your Cryptocountry to compete for Citizens and Wealth. Featuring Protocols and Gameplay that make it easyContinue reading “Thanedar’s Game”