The Decades Are Short But The Centuries Are Long

Labdoor is turning 10 years old this month! We’ve been through so much — moving cross-country to SF to join Rock Health, raising a seed round led by Mark Cuban, creating a passionate community of smart consumers, getting accepted into Y Combinator’s Winter 2015 class, fighting multiple lawsuits from supplement companies, raising a Series A ledContinue reading “The Decades Are Short But The Centuries Are Long”

Don’t Just Lead By Example

“Lead by example.” This cliché, constantly provided to new entrepreneurs and first-time CEOs, is often terrible advice for the heads of large organizations (or founders of startups that aspire to be large). What entrepreneurs usually gather from this recommendation is that they simply need to work their asses off, and their team will follow them.Continue reading “Don’t Just Lead By Example”

7 Ways To Improve Your Demo Day Pitch

So, you’ve picked the best startup accelerator for you and survived the first months of the program. Now you feel your eyes wandering towards the finish line, and that big Demo Day presentation looming large. If you’re like me, public speaking is an unnatural experience. Add the fact that you need to summarize your entireContinue reading “7 Ways To Improve Your Demo Day Pitch”

Choosing The Right Startup Accelerator

This is a seemingly complex problem, but it all comes down to one simple question: Product? Don’t have the resources to build the product of your dreams? Incubators run by notable operators can help you with user testing, prototyping, manufacturing, pilot programs, etc. Consider Industry-Specific Programs: Rock Health, Lemnos Labs, Code for America Team? Need helpContinue reading “Choosing The Right Startup Accelerator”