Studios vs. Startups

Startup = Growth. No company can grow forever with just one product. The best startups launch, buy, and grow many products. Xerox → PARC Google → X Amazon → Grand Challenge Google → Alphabet Facebook → Meta Keeping their startups in perpetual studio mode is key to staying relevant for another generation. Running an indieContinue reading “Studios vs. Startups”

Founders vs. VCs

If you’re really ambitious in startups, there’s only ever been two paths: founder vs. VC. Founders go deep on one company. VCs get to build a broad portfolio. So they’re incentivized to keep founders locked up in their original startups. They don’t want founders to diversify. VCs want a portfolio for themselves but not forContinue reading “Founders vs. VCs”

Decentralized Failsafes

When someone steals your crypto, it’s gone forever. How can we build this feature into decentralized finance (DeFi)? We need a decentralized consensus mechanism to track and reverse theft of digital assets. One Coin = One Vote rules exposes blockchain protocols to the risk of 51% attacks. Example: The Beanstalk protocol was robbed of $182MContinue reading “Decentralized Failsafes”

Recreate Ancient Foods

Note: This idea is on my list of solutions to The World’s Biggest Problems. Problem: We have selectively bred or genetically modified most nutrients out of most foods. Solution: Reintroduce the best traits of ancient fruits and vegetables into modern crops. Master Plan: Model: Big Purple Tomato The purple tomato was invented by Professor Cathie MartinContinue reading “Recreate Ancient Foods”

Indie Startups

Now my goal is to 100% own many $1M+ startups. Startups can always raise money later. It’s near impossible to return money raised and get your equity back. In art, music, and gaming, indie means independent from the major producers. Many of these “indie” labels still have distribution deals with the big guys. In startups,Continue reading “Indie Startups”

Utopic Studio

Indie = 100% Ownership I’m prioritizing independence in this phase of my career. Individual startups in my portfolio can and will raise outside capital when they’re ready to be independent. But Utopic LLC, the original parent company, will always stay 100% mine. Startup = Anything I Want to Create Any funding: Bootstrapped → VC/PE AnyContinue reading “Utopic Studio”