Hamming Questions

My World’s Biggest Problems project is inspired by one of my favorite quotes: I paraphrase this idea into two questions: Why don’t more people spend their time solving the hardest problems? My personal mission is to convince more people to solve The World’s Biggest Problems. This idea is a work-in-progress. If you’d like to riff on it, hitContinue reading “Hamming Questions”

Personal Capital

Personal Capital > Venture Capital They’d quit if they had $100K+ to cover their next 1-2 years. Example: I meet brilliant engineers who work at Fortune 500 companies and have awesome startup ideas, but they’re scared to launch them because their employment contracts say all IP they create is owned by their companies. Think: 360Continue reading “Personal Capital”

360 Deals for Founders

In the music industry, a 360 deal is where a record label provides an artist with financial, marketing, and distribution support in exchange for a percentage of future revenue streams. Help founders create their own startup studios. This gives founders the freedom to think big and quickly take multiple shots on goal. Motown Records’ 360 dealsContinue reading “360 Deals for Founders”

Best Quotes From Steve Jobs’ 1982 Speech to the Academy of Achievement

Notes: Neil: This speech was given by then 26-year-old Steve Jobs as an acceptance speech to the Academy of Achievement, which is a broader version of the Academy that gives out Oscars. This Steve Jobs is at the top of his first mountain; everything is seemingly going right. (He is fired from Apple just threeContinue reading “Best Quotes From Steve Jobs’ 1982 Speech to the Academy of Achievement”

Power vs. Counter

They’re the two most basic plays in football. They’re also the two most basic plays in politics. Let me explain: Power = Rock When the offense runs the ball up the middle, that’s Power. When the offense runs away from the line, that’s Counter. The defense responds by stuffing the middle (Power) or attacking theContinue reading “Power vs. Counter”