Utopic Club

🌎 Changing the world. 🚀 Ideas for new inventions. 🧑‍🔬 Science that saves lives. 💸 Maximizing effective altruism. Examples: Platonic Academy, Bloomsbury Group, The Factory. What clubs like this exist now? It’s easy to predict that an ambitious project will fail. We choose to be optimistic not because it is easy, but because it isContinue reading “Utopic Club”

Ambitious Optimists

We need a new era of ambitious optimism. Summary: Idea: Convince more ambitious optimists to solve the World’s Biggest Problems. Problem: Too many people now think it’s “cool” to be cynical. Solution: Organize the world’s ambitious optimists! Why: Ambitious optimism is self-fulfilling. Mission: Make Life Utopic For All! History: Kennedy’s “We choose to go toContinue reading “Ambitious Optimists”

Pax Internet

Old: Convince governments, and people will follow. New: Convince people, and governments will follow. When President Zelenskyy posts videos online, his audience isn’t just his citizens and his enemies. We’re all his audience. We’re all his potential supporters. The power of enough people supersedes the power of any government. China, India, USA, North Korea, andContinue reading “Pax Internet”

Best Quotes From Shirley Chisholm’s 1972 Presidential Announcement Speech

Notes: Neil: Shirley Chisholm is one of the most underrated politicians in American history. She’s mostly known as the first black candidate for President in 1972, which is the source of this speech. I most remember her campaign slogan “Unbought and unbossed“, which promised an independent leader who wasn’t afraid to stand up to theContinue reading “Best Quotes From Shirley Chisholm’s 1972 Presidential Announcement Speech”