The 8 Lanes in US Politics

This is Part 3 of my political typology for US Politics, which combines my analysis of the current statuses of the Democratic and Republican parties into one national model.

Part 1 was The 4 Types of Democrats:

Part 2 was The 4 Types of Republicans.

Each state contains multiple Democratic and Republican lanes, but the simplest way to code the country is to label each state with its #1 quadrant:

As we zoom into the state level, we can further segment each county by its #1 quadrant:

Next, I need to expand my county-level typology nationwide, using a combination of general election and primary results.

Finally, I want to fine-tune my typology to the precinct-level, starting with Michigan.

This analysis is a work-in-progress. Message me @neilthanedar if you want to riff and refine on these ideas!

Published by Neil Thanedar

Neil Thanedar is a scientist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and activist. He is the founder & CEO of Air to All, a nonprofit medical device startup designing low-cost respirators and ventilators for COVID-19 and beyond. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Labdoor, a consumer watchdog that independently tests and ranks supplements and other health products for its 20M+ users. He was previously co-founder and President of Avomeen Analytical Services, a product development and testing lab acquired for $30M+ in 2016. He has also served as Executive Director of The Detroit Partnership and Senior Advisor to his father Shri Thanedar in his campaigns for Governor and State Representative in Michigan. He received his BBA (Entrepreneurship) and BS (Cellular & Molecular Biology) from the University of Michigan in 2010. Neil lives in Michigan with his wife Shoua, sons Kai (3) and Ajay (1), and dogs Zeus (12) and Pluto (11). He is also a (very) amateur hockey player and drummer.