The 4 Types of Republicans

Note: This is Part 2 of my political typology for US Politics. Part 1 is The 4 Types of Democrats. Part 3 is The 8 Lanes in US Politics. Summary: East = Moderate Establishment. West = Conservative Establishment. South = Conservative Anti-Establishment. North = Moderate Anti-Establishment Anti-Establishment ≈ Populist. Political Typology: E = Moderate EstablishmentContinue reading “The 4 Types of Republicans”

Power vs. Counter

They’re the two most basic plays in football. They’re also the two most basic plays in politics. Let me explain: Power vs. Counter is a simpler version of rock-paper-scissors. Power = Rock When the offense runs the ball up the middle, that’s Power. When the offense runs away from the line, that’s Counter. The defenseContinue reading “Power vs. Counter”