Choosing The Right Startup Accelerator

This is a seemingly complex problem, but it all comes down to one simple question: Product? Don’t have the resources to build the product of your dreams? Incubators run by notable operators can help you with user testing, prototyping, manufacturing, pilot programs, etc. Consider Industry-Specific Programs: Rock Health, Lemnos Labs, Code for America Team? Need helpContinue reading “Choosing The Right Startup Accelerator”

Are You Running Your Business Like A Lemonade Stand?

This essay was originally written for Under30CEO. On day one of your new business, you have a hundred job functions. Try to fit “CEO, President, CFO, Technical Director, Web Developer, Accountant, Sales Representative, Receptionist, Janitor” onto your business cards. To millions of experienced entrepreneurs, this feels like what a small business is always supposed toContinue reading “Are You Running Your Business Like A Lemonade Stand?”