Mixed Indian Baby Names

Note: I’m Indian-American and have two half-Hmong-American boys, Kai and Ajay, so I’ve spent way too much time thinking about this very niche issue, even making two top-10 lists of all the baby boy names we considered. Hope this helps someone!

I had two goals when naming my kids Kai and Ajay:

  1. Easy to pronounce in all languages.
  2. Meaningful in a native language.

Here are my favorite meanings of my boys’ names:

  • Kai:
    • “Victory, triumphant” (凯/凱) [Mandarin]
    • “Lovable” [Swahili]
    • “Ocean” (海) [Japanese]
    • “Fire” [Scottish]
  • Ajay:
    • “Unconquered, invincible” (अजय) [Sanskrit]

Here are the Indian-American baby boy names we considered:

Common Western-Sounding Names:

  1. Ajay (AJ)
  2. Jay
  3. Krish (Chris)
  4. Neil
  5. Nikhil (Nick)
  6. Om
  7. Samir (Sam)
  8. Shaan (Shawn)
  9. Vikram (Vic)
  10. Zayn

Unique Modern Indian Names:

  1. Avi
  2. Dev
  3. Kal
  4. Nitin
  5. Raj
  6. Sahil
  7. Sai
  8. Tej
  9. Veer
  10. Yash

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