CEOs vs. Journalists

I’m not the only person who has noticed a jocks v. geeks dynamic in sports journalism.

Sure, writers love to tell that story of the national hero that once bagged groceries. But even the biggest fan boys and girls can’t help but snicker when they find the star quarterback going through rehab.

If journalists can’t be cool, at least they can be honest and unmerciful.

But in the tech world, journalism turns into geek on geek warfare. The school newspaper vs. the computer club. This dynamic tends to be even more hostile.

We can both be better.

CEOs: Learn from the mistakes of professional athletes in this space. Don’t be Barry Bonds. No one ever wins a fight with a reporter, even everyone’s hero Elon Musk.

But don’t be Derek Jeter either. Ditch the clichés. Every entrepreneur ‘hustles’. We all ‘play to win the game’. Every startup wants to ‘change the world’. But very few entrepreneurs truly break down the reasons why their startup failed. It’s all about honesty and transparency. Nothing beats learning the inside story behind a team or product that you love.

Writers: Aspire to live up to the title ‘journalist’. Whether you write for the Wall Street Journal or a personal blog, find the story behind the headline. Startups launch products, raise money, and go out of business every day. What lessons can we learn? What trends are you seeing in the market? Who are the unsung stars of these companies?

There’s a big difference between analysis and antagonism. There’s a word for members of the media who constantly seek to ridicule the missteps of famous people – paparazzi.