The Future Is Up For Grabs

There are competing versions of the future. Will people continue to battle each other for limited resources, or will we build an abundant environment for all?

In these times of conflict, it’s easy to be pessimistic about the future. But optimists have a weapon that’s becoming increasingly powerful — an open abundance of resources delivered online.

The open internet offers a collective knowledge that can be leveraged by anyone to share ideas and connect with distant strangers. New science and technology now seeks to bring that abundance to physical resources too.

There are forces that are threatened by this abundance. These villains profit from conflict and gain power through fear.

Villains are having a successful decade. This essay is my plan for how we can work together to defeat them and build The Good Future.


  1. The key to The Good Future is an open society with abundant resources.
  2. The internet provides open abundance of information. This gives us the power to instantly amplify and share good ideas.
  3. We need bolder scientific, technological, sociological, and political solutions to achieve open abundance of physical resources.
  4. Many of the world’s smartest people are wasting their talent chasing money or power.
  5. With our potential superheroes distracted, the villains are running the show.
  6. Villains use the internet to generate and amplify fear and anger. The internet needs watchdogs and safety mechanisms to protect our privacy and information access online.
  7. The Good Future needs leaders, evangelists, and millions of workers.
  8. I’m on a mission to convince millions of people to fight for The Good Future.

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